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iPhone 5C Pre-Order


On September 10th, Apple finally unveiled the iPhone 5C, confirming the many rumors about the plastic shell and the color variations.   They have also confirmed the latest rumors that the iPhone 5C is no less than an iPhone 5 in a plastic unibody shell. The five colors are red (almost pink), green, blue, yellow and

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iPhone 5C to be a Renamed version of iPhone 5


September 10th – in just 24 hours, Apple will take the cover off their new iPhone’s for the coming season. This year, in a year of many changes for the Cupertino Company, we get to see two models releasing at the same time – the iPhone 5S and the iPhone 5C. Image : iPhone 5C Colours

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iPhone 5S HomeButton has FingerPrint Sensor

iphone 5s white touch id small

With Apple’s media event taking place in a couple of days’ time, we expect to see leaks springing up all over the place. Oddly enough, although the internet has been flooded with rumors and leaked images regarding the iPhone 5C, very little has been seen or heard about the more major release, the iPhone 5S.

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iPhone 5C Lines Start in Apple-Store 5th Avenue NY City


Every year, when Apple launches a new product, everyone expects it to be the biggest thing. This year is no exception to that rule, with not one but two iPhone’s being launched – the iPhone 5S and the rumored plastic budget model, the 5C. Launching 2 iPhone’s at the same time is a first for

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iPhone 5C Launch Date Announced by Apple

Apple-iPhone-5C small

The wait is almost over. September 10th has been officially confirmed as the date for Apple’s media event, the day on which we finally get to see if all of the rumors and speculation surrounding the new iPhone 5C handsets are confirmed or proved completely wrong. Image : iPhone 5 with iOS 7 event invite wallpaper

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iPhone 5C Cases Leaked


With just under a week to go before Apple makes their official announcement, the leaks about the new iPhone models are coming in thick and fast.  We’ve seen images of the instruction manual that goes with the iPhone 5C, the Dutch version, we’ve seen images of different colored iPhone 5C rear casings and we’ve seen

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iPhone 5C Price

iphone 5c buyer

The iPhone 5C is Apple’s long-rumored budget iPhone, due to be launched in September with the iPhone 5S and iOS 7.  However, analysts have already told us not to expect anything too cheap from Apple, in hardware or in price.  It’s looking more likely that the iPhone 5C will be classed as a mid-tier model

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iPhone 5C Scratch Resistance Test


Rumors and leaked images for the iPhone 5C are heating up as launch day draws closer.  We know that the 5C is the so-called budget iPhone and we know it is going to be formed from polycarbonate. We have also been told, and some of the images bear this out, that it will be sold

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iPhone 5C Colours

iphone 5c colour

A little while ago, we reported on the first unboxing of the iPhone 5C colored rear shells. A video was posted by Tanner Marsh of him unboxing the set of shells and showing them delivered complete with buttons for the volume rocker, Mute and Power buttons. Today we have another video from Tanner Marsh, showing

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iPhone 5C under Charge Testing – Pictures Leaked


Apple seems to have sprouted a few more leaks this week. New photos have been spotted, apparently showing a bunch of iPhone 5C handsets undergoing a charging test. At first glance, the image could be dismissed as just another fake, a pile of Chinese copies perhaps. However, more information has come to light that could

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